Are you dependent or addicted to a substance or behaviour? Is this taking over your life and making you miserable? Is it ruining your relationships, career, health or finances? Are you sick of it and wanting to make long-term changes to be free of your addiction?

I can support you to make the changes you need to be free of the substance or behaviour you are addicted to for good.

People can be addicted to many things. Perhaps most commonly, when we think of addictions we think of drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. These substances can give us a high that we want to experience more and more of. Some activities, such as shopping, gambling, sex or gaming, can generate a dopamine hit in the brain, which gives us a chemical reward we also want to get more and more of. For some, the substance is used as a means of numbing emotional pain/difficult feelings, and we sometimes talk about people ‘self-medicating’ in these cases.

Unfortunately, addictions can lead to a host of miserable symptoms, including mood swings, irritablity, paranoia, fatigue, memory and focus problems, social isolation, relationship difficulties and poor performance at work.

Hypnotherapy can help you be free of your addiction and get your life back. With my support, you can change your thought patterns, habits and behaviours, and gain mastery over stress, so you can give up for good.

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