Hypnotherapy for anxiety in Fulham and online.

Are you constantly worried? Do you suffer with racing thoughts and a racing mind? Do you churn the same worries over and over, without ever resolving them? Do you find it hard to switch off from your worries, even when you are doing something that should be enjoyable? Perhaps you suffer from the awful physical effects of anxiety, such as feelings of panic, physical tension, insomonia, dry mouth, racing heart, nausea or the pit of doom in your stomach? You may even have got to the point where the worry has become so ingrained you are feeling constantly exhausted and like you don’t have the energy to do what you need to do.

Anxiety disorders include social anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, health anxiety and panic attacks. Whatever the cause, whatever the symptoms, and whatever the focus for the worries, anxiety is truly awful. It can ruin lives. But you can get relief and regain control of your mind and emotions.

We all get anxious at times. Within reasonable limits, anxiety can be helpful; it can alert us to dangers and things in our lives that we need to change. Yet it can also become excessive and take over, making us miserable, and stopping us from achieving our goals.

You don’t have to live with constant anxiety. You can be free of it with hypnotherapy. I can help you achieve calmness and control of your thoughts and emotions, leaving you free to enjoy life.

Many of you reading this may feel that it is impossible to resolve your anxiety, such is its ever-present nature. You may have lived with anxiety dominating your life for a long time.

Yet however long you have been suffering, you can learn to be free of excessive worry, rumination and fear.

I use a multitude of approaches and techniques to help you finally gain control, so you are able to relax, enjoy life and go for opportunities without fear.

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