Confidence & self esteem

Are you limiting yourself and holding back, because of a lack of confidence?

Perhaps you have a negative view of yourself, and beat yourself up about your perceived failings?

Maybe you have actually achieved a lot of success, but suffer from ‘Imposter Syndrome’, feeling doubtful about your abilities, and full of worry that you will be ‘found out’ as a fraud?

Would you like instead to feel confident and uninhibited in pursuing your goals? Would you like to feel a healthy sense of positive self-worth?

I can help you achieve your potential.

Low self-esteem and low self-confidence are often intricately entwined. They stem from beliefs that are often held unconsciously, and can arise from a number of sources, including childhood experiences, such as negative feedback from authority figures, failures or rejections we have suffered.

Often we over-learn emotionally from our failures, but under-learn from our successes. When we achieve success, we put it down to luck, and don’t view it as a result of our efforts and abilities. But when we fail, we tell ourselves we are no good. Over time, this adds up to develop a set of negative beliefs about our own self-worth and abilities. Fear of failure, and maybe even a sense that we don’t deserve success, then act to stop us from striving to reach our true potential.

The good news is that hypnotherapy is very effective at reaching those deep-rooted beliefs in the unconscious, so they can be changed to realistic, positive appraisals of your potential. You can change the way you view yourself and your abilities. You can become the person you truly are, and achieve the things you want to achieve. On the way, you can learn to become more resilient when life throws you a curve ball, so you can get back on track to achieving your goals more quickly.

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