Giving birth to your baby is a momentous occasion. I support women to have the active birth they want, and empower them for a positive birth experience for them and their baby.

We are bombarded by media and fictional images of childbirth being an arduous and painful process that is fraught with danger.  Many women go into birth expecting a hideous experience, and this expectation can unfortunately cause anxiety throughout the pregnancy.  Yet pain and fear are not inevitable.  I offer one to one hypnobirthing sessions, to help empower you to have a confident, joyous birth free of fear,

The mind has a very powerful effect on the body. Fear interferes with the hormones needed for birth, whereas calm relaxation assists the body to labour with ease. I teach women to use self-hypnosis, visualisation, relaxation and breathing methods to prepare for a positive natural birth. You will be taught pain management techniques, and how to build trust in your mind and body so you can go into labour feeling calm, confident and in control.

Hypnobirthing can significantly reduce the need for medication during labour, eliminating side-effects for both mother and baby. Apgar scores (the standard measure of a baby’s health immediately after birth) have been found to be higher where the mother had received hypnotic training before birth (Bobart and Brown, 2002).

Hypnobirthing can shorten labour, and also reduce the need for interventions such as caesarean section, ventouse, forceps and epidural (Harmon, Hynan and Tyre, 1990; Martin Schauble, Surekha & Curry, 2001; Mehl-Madrona, 2004).

Rates of post-natal depression and anxiety have also been found to be significantly lower in women who had been taught hypnotic analgesia for childbirth (Harmon et al, 1990; Mairs 1995; McCarthy 1998).

I also help women prepare for a calm, peaceful and positive caesarean section, equipping them with the tools to effectively manage post-operative pain, enabling faster mobilisation, and the chance to actively care for their baby soon after birth.

However you plan to give birth, whether it be a home birth, a hospital delivery or an elective caesarean, I can offer you a wealth of tools to go into birth feeling calm, relaxed, confident and excited to meet your baby.

If you would like to see me for one-to-one hypnobirthing sessions (which can include your partner), please contact me.

Group hypnobirthing courses coming soon!