Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome can range in severity from being a nuisance that the sufferer can cope with, to a painful, embarrassing and disabling condition. Medical treatment can be limited in its effectiveness, and once no obvious physical cause has been identified for the symptoms, often sufferers are told that this will be a long-term – or life-long – condition that they will have to go away and ‘just live with’.

Perhaps you have been told by your doctor that stress may be a factor in your condition and you will find some relief if you can just relax? It can be hard to hear this – not only is ‘just relaxing’ much easier said than done for many people, it can also feel that your suffering is being belittled or dismissed. Or that you are to blame for it.

There is, however, a lot of truth in the idea that IBS can be stress-induced, or that it can be at least ameliorated – or even eliminated – if the sufferer can learn to relax and reduce stress. Even where there are dietary factors underlying the symptoms, these can be aggravated by stress, which can often be behind acute flare-ups of symptoms. This is where hypnotherapy can be so transformational for IBS sufferers, as it is an excellent treatment for relaxation and managing stress. It is also proven to be an effective treatment for chronic pain, and NICE recommends hypnotherapy for IBS. A 1984 study by Whorwell et al showed dramatically greater improvement from hypnotherapy above placebo, and many other studies since have shown hypnosis consistently improves IBS symptoms.

I can help you improve or even eliminate your IBS symptoms with a tailored treatment plan using the most effective approach and methods.

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