Stop Smoking

Have you tried to give up smoking, but found that you just couldn’t keep up the giving up?

Many, many people have stopped smoking with the aid of hypnotherapy. You could be next!

Imagine how it would feel to be free of smoking? To never have to worry about whether you have enough cigarettes? To never have to stand outside in the cold or rain while others are snug in the warm pub or restaurant? To not have to worry about how you will cope without a fag on a long flight? Maybe your partner or children are worried about your health, and are urging you to give up? Perhaps you are fed up with smelling of stale smoke. Possibly even your dentist has nagged you about the havoc smoking is wreaking on your gums. I’m not even going to list the full number of ways in which tobacco can wreck your health, as you already know that it is the number one cause of preventable mortality.

Research has shown that for many smokers it may take as many as 30 attempts to successfully quit smoking (Chaiton et al, 2016). It can be very difficult to stop, and even harder to stay stopped.

Hypnotherapy can take away your desire to smoke, and provide you with the tools to quit easily for good.

I offer a one-session stop smoking package, which costs £175 for up to 2 hours. In the rare event that you might want a follow-up within three months this is offered free of charge for the small proportion of clients who might need it.

You can successfully give up smoking.

So do you want to?

If so, contact me to book an appointment, and look forward to being free of cigarettes for good.