Stress management

Who isn’t stressed these days? We live very fast-paced lives, where we are expected to be forever ‘on’, contactable at all times, forever ‘doing more for less’, while simultaneously being a perfect partner, friend, parent, all while squeezing in exercising, hobbies and interests and always looking great, and younger than our chronological age. It’s a wonder we find time to sleep, except – hang on – often we don’t, do we? We are, as a society, chronically sleep-deprived into the bargain, making things even worse.

To some extent, sadly, it has become ‘normal’ to feel stressed. For sure, some stress can be harmless, and even helpful – a little bit of pressure before an exam or test can enhance performance, making you dig that little bit deeper to perform your best. But if you are finding it hard to cope with the pressures you are under, and this continues for a period of time, it can be very damaging to mental and physical health. If pressures are constant and unrelenting, and problems are seemingly insoluble, things can build to the point where anxiety, insomnia, depression and a whole host of physical ailments can develop.

Sometimes, we feel we are not too stressed, yet are plagued with seemingly incurable physical ailments for which doctors can find no cause or solution. This may be because we have normalised a high state of stress, or have suppressed the mental and emotional feelings associated with a high stress level, so the body has found a physical outlet for them.

You may be suffering from tension headaches, backache, insomnia, tempomandibular joint pain, irritable bowel syndrome, palpitations or skin problems. All these, plus many more physical symptoms can be caused by stress. They can cause misery, but the good news is that they can be reduced and even eliminated by learning to cope healthily with stress.

Hypnotherapy can help with both the conscious and unconscious manifestations of stress. You may feel that you have little – or even no – control over your thoughts, emotions or physical symptoms, and you may feel helpless to regain control. This is not the case, even those with the highest levels of stress can learn how to manage it effectively. I can support you with a tailored plan to embed new ways of approaching life and handling stress, no matter how busy you are, leaving you calm and focused.

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