Weight management

We are an extremely confused society when it comes to food, eating and weight. On the one hand, we are constantly exorted to eat healthily, with the NHS and other experts admonishing us to cut down on sugar, fat and salt, and eat more fruit and veg. We all know that it is important for health to do so.

On the other hand, never in history have calories been so cheap and abundant. Never before have we been subjected to such a relentless assault of advertising, tempting us to buy treats we don’t need. Food is sold to us as much more than fuel these days – food items are ‘better than sex’, food is love, food is the way we should connect with friends and family, and show them that we care.

When life is stressful, reaching for a fatty, sugary treat can be extremely tempting, as a quick fix for all those troublesome feelings and thoughts we don’t want to feel or think. This may become the way we treat ourselves when we have had a hard day, or reward ourselves for working hard. Unfortunately, as we all know, really, this can lead to weight gain, which can cause health problems, and affect our self-esteem.

Would you like to gain control of your eating and weight? Would you like to develop or regain a healthy relationship with food, so that you can eat healthily, for pleasure, including in your diet the foods you love and enjoying them, while being able to lose or maintaining weight?

Perhaps this sounds like a pipe dream, but it’s not.

Hypnotherapy can help you regain control of your eating, so that you can maintain the healthy weight you desire, while keeping the foods you love within your diet, so you don’t feel deprived.

I can develop a unique treatment plan, tailored specifically to you, to enable you to identify the underlying reasons for your eating issues, identify unhelpful emotional and behavioural patterns, and – crucially – how to change them.

Yo-you dieting can become a thing of the past, as you adopt new healthy eating patterns and are helped to motivate yourself to stick to your new behaviours.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.